ABSolute for Myanmar Business


Message from Chairman & CEO

MyoTheinABSolute for Myanmar Business

Serving its clients since 2012, Asia Business Solutions(アジアビジネスソリューションズ) was initiated to help businesses between Japan and Myanmar achieve their goals, by providing operational excellence, top-quality cost-effective services and advise on an unparalleled scale. We support to establish local company at Myanmar.
Its committed and determined cross-globe network of talents enables Asia Business Solutions to assist clients in developing their business and meeting the challenges they face in a demanding economic environment, both domestic and international.

The main business activities of the company are:
・Joint Venture with Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate Co.,Ltd (Serviced Apartment)
・Aye Chan Thar Hotel (Yangon)
・Miyako Restaurant (Yangon)
・Construction (Rakhine State)
・Micro Finance & Money exchange counter(Money Buffet Co,Ltd )
・Overseas employment business(Miyako Japanese Language School)

[Number of sending to Japan (Training / Tokutei)]

Kaigo 124
Food Manufacturing 7
Car Workshop 2
Construction 11
Hotel Business 18
Agriculture 2
Food Services 38

Having the privilege of serving clients in all business sectors, private, governmental and semi-governmental organizations, it is our policy to offer new perspectives and options to meet each of our clients specific needs.
We view our clients as partners and work collaboratively with them to achieve their business objectives and results that can be measured.

Myo Thein (CEO)
Asia Business Solutions Co.,Ltd.
November, 2012

Company Information

Name Asia Business Solutions Co.,Ltd.
Head office No.116, Mahar Waziyar Ma Kyaung Street, 16B Qtr, North Dagon Township, Yangon, Myanmar
MD Myo Thein
TEL 01-2333940
Founded November, 2012
Group companies Money Buffet Co.,Ltd.
MingalaGO Co., Ltd.

Miyako Japanese Language School

As for the vision of doing an overseas employment business, We hope that Myanmar people will work and learn work skills in Japan, then after returning to Myanmar, they will use those work skills to contribute to the development of Myanmar’s country. Through the business, we will do our best to become a bridge between Japan and Myanmar.

Name Miyako Japanese Language School and Hostel
Head office No.115, Shwe Poe Street, 16B Qtr, North Dagon Township, Yangon, Myanmar.